Issue: Point at Distance and Angle dialog causes crash on MacOS

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open Seamly2D v0.6.0.1 (Build 9af57415ffc9)
  2. Open a file with points.
  3. Right-click on point and select Options.
  4. Click red X button in window bar.
  5. Seamly crashes.


If I hit cancel, there’s no crash.

Crash Report:

Also includes system details. This is on Mac OS X 10.14.6. pointatdistanceandangle_close_crash_macosmojave.txt (59.5 KB)

And I just realized I was on the December 21 build, so I download the January 4th build and it’s still crashing.


I also observed that the issue didn’t occur a few times in a row after freshly starting Seamly2D today, but then it started after maybe 3-5 times of good exits (step #3 above). After the crash occurs and I start Seamly2D again, the error occurs consistently.

Here’s the file I am using in my reproduction steps. basicpantssloper.val (5.0 KB)


Hi @Adyst

We will need your measurements file as well, to test your pattern.

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Is it with just the Point at Distance and Angle dialog or any tool dialog?


Any of the tools use the same dialog method. There were issue with the Variables and History dialogs that use a different method, that I hopefully addressed with the Mac ver. Thing is I don’t have access to a Mac so I’m in the dark when it comes to testing.


I just noticed that the Variables dialog also causes a crash when I click the red “x”. Attached is the crash report.

variables_close_crash_macosmojave.txt (59.7 KB)

Unfortunately, my Mac is too old and feeble to handle the dev environment for Seamly2D, but hopefully I will be getting a new one soon.