Issue with base point


I have been playing around in seamly and drafting some basic blocks and ran into a slight issue. I made a base point labeled a25 and made a path off of this point. I then shortly later realized I needed to start that path on a point that was 1/16 down from a25. I am trying to move the base point in the properties setting but it seems that any point I made after a25 for this point is not being displayed. How do I add a27 to the base point list?

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Here’s a link to a recent response to that same question:

I hope that helps.



Thank you so much for sharing this post! This makes a lot of sense.


We should make this like a TOS, where users have to read about the tool dependency rules before proceeding. LOL

It’s probably the most asked question. Heck… even I forget sometimes and and wonder why a point or curve is not showing in the Formula dialog… Oh yeah… I forgot it’s that timeline rule. doh.