Issue with Exporting Pattern to PDF - Error Message "Unable to Export Pattern"

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I am running into a bit of a snag trying to export my pattern as a PDF. Every time I hit “generate” I get this error message that says “Unable to export pattern.” Not super helpful! I’ve tried the usual - restarting Seamly, re-importing the pattern - but no dice.

Anyone else faced this export wall before? Is there something specific I need to do when exporting a pattern to PDF that I’m missing? Any tips or troubleshooting steps you can share would be a lifesaver! I also check this : But I have not found any solution. could anyone guide me about this.

Thanks in advance for your stitching wisdom!

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What language are you using Seamly in? I don’t recognize “generate” as an option. Do you mean “Print”, “Export” or “Save”?



Hi @bellaa, did you first generate the Layout? And then go to File > Preview > Preview Tiled to fine-tune the PDF pages?

There is no such error message in the current Seamly. Can you provide us the build version you are using? It’s available in the Helpl-About menu.


There is no “generate” text in Seamly… English or translations.

The Preview menu should be greyed out of there is no Layout created yet.

Screenshot 2024-06-22 000001

And obviously you can get to the Layout mode Export toolbutton without creating a layout.

If you Eport from Draft of Piece mode… you’ll get what’s on the current mode’s scene.