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Hi everybody! Just arrived here, hopefully I won’t become a pain… I am starting with Valentina, so I created a multisize chart which is saved on my user folder as defined in the preferences. However, now that I have started tor draw the pattern it won’t find the measurement that I am looking for… it will give other measurements but not some that are on my file. I have changed a measurement in the file just to test, and when I go back to Valentina tells me that the measurements have been changed and if I want to synch, after clicking yes I try again and the measurement has changed, but still can find the others that I know are there… :thinking: Actually, I think I just got my answer… the “Name” of the measurement I was looking for was “nape_to_waist” in the Tape application, but “neck_back_to_waist_b” in Valentina so my search for “nape” gave me no results… Which brings me to a suggestion already in my mind before all this… could the measurement code be included in these boxes? After all, what good is having codes if they are not used to simplify things? I mean, I was already adding Valentina codes to my measurement charts to match, that way no matter the source I could use the code to quickly identify the measurement, so the logical path would be to use the code to enter the measurement without reinterpreting and looking for the long name everytime. And sorry, I know I just got here and I am already a pain… :grimacing: And a long winded one at that! I promise I’ll make up for it! BTW, great software! It seemed deceptively simple at the beginning, with the big red circle in the middle of the screen, and it is simple, but in the right way, and the possibilities are becoming obvious and exciting. I have used Gerber, Lectra, PAD and Illustrator to make patterns, and I can see Valentina as meaningful part of my toolbox. Thanks!

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This could be caused by pattern system settings, or maybe you’ve added a custom measurement.

  1. Look in Valentina File/Preferences/Configuration/Pattern making system. This should be set to ‘none’.
  2. Look in Tape File/Preferences/Pattern making system. This should be set to ‘none’.
  3. Can you post your multisize table, or post a screenshot of the measurements where it shows the Name, Full Name, and the Details section for the Nape to Waist measurement?

About pattern making systems: We are making pattern making system templates and instructions to enable students to easily and quickly create their blocks and experiment using their pattern system textbook - use at your own risk, they’re in development!

Unfortunately, I did lost that pattern due to a crash, not a big deal since I am just testing the waters… also learned an important lesson… save to start and then often. I didn’t think it was a measurement I created, but it could be, or maybe I edited the name if this is possible, since I can’t find the name nape anywhere now… I may have had the Patternmaking System set to Aldrich… However, and this is something I am wondering about, the selection doesn’t seem to do anything. I have some of the books in the list (even though maybe not the same edition since page numbers don’t coincide…) Is it anything I need to download to make it usable? I was using at that time the book Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear by Ann Haggar (second edition) which is not in the list, and was wondering if after creating the measurement table was there a place where it could be uploaded so others could use it and save some time, and be added to the list. And there are also books in the list that I have and may like to “evaluate”, Armstrong, Aldrich (w & m), a couple of Kopp/Rolfo/Zelin… By the way, what is the extent of the planned use of the Patternmaking systems feature? Is there anything I can contribute by going through Haggar’s book for example?


Looks like @slpencer did not explain properly for you what caused this issue. Valentina and Tape both have setting called Pattern making system. And you must synchronize them if you want to have same names in both programs.

You must understand one thing. The option has effect only on measurement names Valentina and Tape show you and that’s all. It helps you work with measurement names an author of system propose.

As to extending the list. Right now i am highly against it. This feature has low popularity. Most people do not understand it and don’t want to contribute to it. We can not add each book about pattern making as new pattern making system. The list is already huge, more than 50 systems. And maintaining all of this is hard task.

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Ok, seems understandable :grimacing: Still confused though, the Patternmaking System was the same in both and still didn’t see anything happening… A couple of clarifications if you don’t mind…

  • Are the “known” measurements still available when not using a Patternmaking System ?

  • Do they change names or in any way when choosing a Patternmaking System ?

  • I asked in another post, but since it seems relevant… Can I add custom diagrams to my custom measurements?

By the way… what are your thoughts in adding the code to the selection of measurements?

Thanks a lot for your help!

What exactly you don’t see?

This question is not correct. What you call a patternmaking system is not what i mean. As i said we care only about names. Valentina is neutral to formulas and methods you use in particular PM system.

In Valentina you always use one of available system of names.

All measurements inside a measurement file saved in internal PM system. Selecting a PM system has effect only on way Valentina will show you those names.

Already answered in that post.

Sorry, don’t understand this request.

Thanks for the answer, got a little lost in to whom I was asking the question to!

I guess I’ll better do some more reading before asking more questions about the relationship of the measurements to the Patternmaking Systems, especially since I am not that interested in actually following one to the T…

About the request, what I mean is than in Tape when you choose to add a known measurement there is a code with the name, as well as a diagram with the long name (which makes the way I put the question wrong since the code is there when choosing) but once added there is no column for the code, which would be helpful in rearranging or going thru the measurements; especially, when using the downloaded and very useful Valentina Body Measurements PDF to look at the big picture… A lot faster and less confusing to refer to the code once established, rather than reading thru the sometimes subtle differences in the names. I guess that just saying to add a column for the code to go along with the Name, Full Name, Calculated Value, Base Value, etc… would have been sufficient… Sorry!

When the measurement diagram enabled clicking on measurement show you a diagram with appropriate code and human readable name.

Yes, I understand that, but it still requieres to click on every measurement instead of just visually scanning the list.

I don’t see here real reason fo new column. You need code you click on measurement.

Well, I just think it makes it more usable. Don’t see why not having it more visually accesible when is already there.

Because of custom measurements (they don’t have a code), people don’t care about internal codes, we already have a lot columns that take space. Don’t want to add another one.

I don’t think that a 3 digit code column would take a lot of space, and it would definitely be more useful, at least in my case, that the “In Heights” (probably largely unused by everyone…) taking all the leftover space in my window… But I understand, since I don’t know what people care about, but I just wanted to at least offer some feedback so maybe I can represent a part of what people want… Not surprised that I may not be very representative… :confused:

As person and developer i have my thoughts and opinions. If i personally don’t want it this doesn’t mean you cannot do something to add this feature. If you are developer submit a patch or find someone who can do it for you. This is open source project after all. I respect time people spend to prove that they really need a feature.

I am sure you do, and I respect that. I would also love to be able to work on it myself, unfortunately never got to far on that front, time is limited and we can’t all do everything. I just wanted to offer feedback, and I have offered to help on the capacity that I can. I guess I assumed that the suggestions would be better received, or at least better understood. I am not demanding solutions, I am asking questions, and you obviously don’t have to answer them. I think that I have been very apologetic, and have clearly stated every time that I don’t want to impose on anyone.

This means you don’t really need this feature. I also count my time and no first time will not turn into yes if you will insist. Saying no also a part of building project.

GOOD! :smiley_cat:

Also, multisizes, custom measurements and templates, increments, etc will be discussed in a “measurements sprint” that we should hold online on a certain day, and come up with an integrated plan.

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Ok, I will try to get up to speed on the use of the software. Maybe that way I can make more educated suggestions and ask less confusing questions… :slightly_smiling_face:


um, you may need to ask confusing questions in order to get up to speed with Valentina! Questions are good. Screenshots help.

Ok, I will try to do that. But I also will try to read enough as not to ask questions already answered elsewhere. I already asked some questions on Stinde’s trousers video on YouTube (sorry, I didn’t quite get his name so I won’t misspelled in here…) So, I will try an all fronts approach to get my answers. Again, trying no to be too much of a headache.


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