Jump in gradation

Hi, I’m grading with multisize seamlyme and it works quite nicely only if gradation is regular. For example I want hips_circ grade 2,5 from 32 to 44 and from 44 it would grade 3. Is there a way to do this or do i have to create a table for each grading jump?



Short answer: Yes. You need a different VST for each jump.

I believe there has been some discussion of fixing that in the future, but the needed re-coding is nightmarish.


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I would suggest that you create 2 separate measurement charts for the 2 sections, however, you could also use a variable which allows you to add an extra 0.5 if the size is larger than size 44.

You will need to add a code in SeamlyME for Size and enter the base size for your measurement chart as the base (eg. 32) and the increments will be 2.

For your formula, it will read something like… If size is >44, then use the formula hip_circ +(((size - 44) divided by 2) *0.5), otherwise hip_circ - *size>44?hip_circ+(((size-44)/2)0.5):hip_circ - and use the variable in the place of the hip_circ in the formula.

I haven’t tested this formula, so you will need to check it that it increases correctly and perhaps change it a bit to get it to work correctly.


This is very interesting. But where do i enter this formula? how can i do this?

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Hi @eve

You enter it as a variable… Menu > Measurements > Variables Table

Click the + to add a line, enter a name for the variable and then enter the formula. You can add a full description, if you wish.

And then, if you want to access your variables in the formulas, it’s just below the measurements in the list and is preceded by a # (hash):


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Please let me know how this works for you because it was a sudden light-bulb moment for me that I’m now thinking of using :rofl:

OOO i like it, i’ll try it and let you know. Many thanks!!

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