Keine Linien abzurufen im neuen Entwurfsblock

Ich habe einen neuen Entwurfblock angelegt um eine Kaputze zu konstruieren. Ich kann auf Linien der anderen Konstruktionen zurückgreifen, jedoch nicht auf die Maße der Linien, die in dem neuen Entwurfsblock erstellt wurden.

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Yes. You can only access the dimensions from previously created tools. The app parses the file data sequentially… where Draft block B will know what’s in Draft block A, but Draft Block A does not know what’s in Draft Block B, as it has not been created yet as far as the parsing goes.

Basically it would require a two pass parsing to be able to look ahead.

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Hi @Scholli

This is very strange. I see that the line is listed in box and that you have selected it, and that it is part of the pattern that you are creating. I don’t see any error in your formula.

I can only suggest that you clear the formula (using the X on the right of it) and double click on the line again. Before adding anything, check if the OK becomes clear and then accept the formula without any extra formulations. Then go back in and add the “/3” to the formula.

If this doesn’t work, please send me the file so that I can see what’s happening.

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