Label options

Is there a reason we only have one ‘piece label’ available? It would be helpful to be able to use additional labels to name cues or, for example, the center back.


Hello, Dina.

Yes, currently, we only have one ‘Piece Label’ to work with, however… @Douglas is working his way through a whole lot of improvements to the program which include additional labels and other pattern markings.


As I understand it, the label improvements will more-or-less add ‘feature labels’ leaving the actual “Piece Label” for data relating to the entire piece. But as Grace said, the improvements have been discussed & we understand that they are somewhere in the pipeline.



Yes. I don’t see any reason at this time to do away with the 2 existing labels. What I plan on doing is adding a “Text” tool… which may or may not build on the existing template usage. The tool would allow a user to add miscellaneous text to a pattern piece… things like “shorten here” or “gather here”.

It’s worth mentioning that “On Fold” will most likely be implemented as a symbol rather than text - as it will incorporate the neccessary arrows.