Layout according to grainline


I know it is not possible now. But it would be very useful to have the option to orient all the pieces according to the grainline. Reason: I don’t print my patterns. I’m working with a projector on the ceiling. For this workflow all the pieces must be alligned in the same direction.

I also would like to add a text label to the grainline. If you are working with stretch fabrics you want to add the label DOGS (direction of greatest stretch)

Is it possible to add those features? Thx.


Hi! Welcome to Seamly @SewingEngineer! Thanks for bringing these suggestions.

Happily, the devs are already working on & considering how to best implement these features.

Meanwhile, as long as your draft is in line with the grainline, you can arrange the pieces as you desire in the Piece view, & cut, or export to file from there.



I believe there’s already an existing feature request issue for aligning the print layout according to the grainline.

Like @Pneumarian suggested if you draft all your pieces without rotating the grainline and you check the “Do not rotate pieces” … you’ll end up with a (print) layout with the pieces with the grainlines all going in the same direction.

That being said, I understand sometimes a draft requires the grainline to rotate… such as placing on the bias. So I do plan on some method of laying out thd pieces on the grain. :slight_smile:


has this feature been implemented? i am also projecting the patterns so it would be helpful if grainline would rotate in layout.

i have angled pockets.

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Sorry. Not yet.

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