Layout error

Hello! I’m not sure what I need to do. Every time I go to create the layout I get this:

If the image is too small it says “Several work pieces left not arranged, but none of them match for paper”/

It means that your pattern pieces don’t fit paper format you choose. Set a bigger one.

Note that paper format you set for layout is not the one you will print on, you can set a large format and then print tiled pdf on a4/letter sheets



It took me a while at first to understand the concept that the paper size on the layout has nothing to do with the paper in your printer. there are several places in this forum that contain discussion on how to create a layout and print to a small format (letter size) printer. Here is one I did. there are others too, just use the search icon and search this forum for “tiled print”


Thanks guys, got it to work! :smiley:


This is only true if you will print as a tiled PDF that has to be taped back together.

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