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Hello, is it possible to create a layout plan to show how the different pattern pieces should be placed on fabric to trace it? Something similar to the attached picture. Thanks 38

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Hi @Amaia! We don’t have this feature yet. See this thread: Making markers in valentina

Thanks for your feedback. Any idea on when this would be done? It is really important to have such feature when selling a pattern. Thanks for your work!!

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Have you try to do this with illustrator? I think I did what you want to do using illustrator recently. Just enter the desired length and width then organize the pattern pieces

That depends… after 35 years of cutting 90% of the time I can layout a cut marker better than any commercial pattern says to using less fabric. The instructions and cut layouts included in commercial patterns IMO are for novice sewers.

That said… when you have a 100 foot cutting table and need to mix and match 5 different sizes of a pattern… then Yes… a marker is an important feature.

Hint: Learn to do puzzles as a kid and cut markers are second nature.


I also use less fabric than what it is said :wink: but this feature is needed when selling a commercial pattern


Thanks for the idea! how do you get the drawing of each piece to be placed on the “virtual fabric”?

They really want it? :open_mouth: I never used that, it usually just doesn’t fit to my fabrics, is laid out to use a lot of it and so on. I don’t even know if there was one on the last ready-made pattern I bought :relaxed:

What I would be missing on patterns are labels on lines, like “fold”, “shorten or lenghten here” and so on.

really? all the patterns I’ve bought have it… I think it is useful to start from there and then you can move your pieces according to your fabric… hmmm we have a good debate here :wink: Thanks for your answer

Likely possible :smile: I only didn’t really pay attention to it, so I couldn’t tell…

I think Valentina is a wonderful program if you make patterns for your own (whether you’re selling the garments or use them for yourself doesn’t matter), only for selling patterns it still lacks some features.

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You have to have a pattern layout to create an estimate of the fabric needed.

I want to implement this algorithm into our layout feature:

SVG Nest:

Here’s an article in Make:


That looks great! It could be used for the pattern layout for fabrics as well as for the layout for printing, if that is possible.

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Just move it around? I’ve attached the example of my previous work, but I set this to be printed on A0 paper. To save space, I flipped the pattern around, but you can’t do this on fabric layout. So maybe if the fabric has 1.5m width, you only enter 75cm if you have on fold pattern pieces and the height is set according to your design. Maybe as high as possible? You can move them to another file with shorter height anyway if you have a lot of space left (or maybe edit the height, but I don’t know how to do that).

pattern couture

maybe you mean something like this but on fabric?



The SVG Nest looks perfect for S2D! One thought that I had for the problem of grainlines would be for SVG Nest to support ‘containers’ (i.e. a polygon labeled as such) for pieces, with only certain rotations allowed for pieces inside. For example, most pieces with a grainline could be printed 0 or 180 degrees and thus would be put in a container labeled thusly, while some need to all be a particular direction would be in a container that only has 0 degrees, thereby locking the part in the original orientation.


That tool sounds very interesting / promising!!

I think that also depends on what kind of medium the layout is printed. On paper the grainlines don’t matter at all; if you have fabrics with pattern or velvet you might also want to fix to 0° to the grainlines or folds. You don’t want to have one part up and the other down :slight_smile: And if you have simple plain weave even 90° might be considerable.

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As I understand, svg nest transformed into deepnest which is avaliable as desktop app I tried it with my exported svg patterns, it’s perfect for printing layout! No more playing jigsaw puzzle most of the grading time, yeeeee!!! :heart_eyes:

I even use it to make cutting layouts for my own sewing projects. Only works with one layer of fabric of cource, no ‘on fold’ feature but that’s ok with me because it saves a lot of fabric


Thanks @Krolich! Super fantastic informtion. This is extrememly helpful :clap:

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