Let’s test new tool Move

Hi all,

I have finished developing new tool Move. As always test and say what do you think.

This tool is very similar to other from the section Operations.

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I looks nice and usable. For a moment I was wondering about the center point, which appeared. Good tool to have

Yes, this is new thing. You don’t need your point, all you need is a length and an angle. So, i decided to made a virtual point. It calculated in the center of bounding rect of all selected objects.


Could one of you be so kind please and explain what I am supposed to do with this tool? I compiled the latest revision and as far as I can tell, the tool works “somehow” but I simply don’t understand what it is good for… for me, it doesn’t move anything, but creates (a) new point(s) in a specific distance and angle, related to the source point(s) and, if you select more than one source point, matching their relative position to each other. So to say, they seem to be some kind of dependend duplicates of the source points.

Do you have an example when to use this tool?

Actually you get a copy placed freely to new place. One example could be a sleeve head for different sleeves.


Yes, this tool doesn’t really move, but it is quick way to make a copy. You can’t really move points because of dependencies. It will just break a pattern.

Thanks for your explanation. @Stinde, good example. I think I get an idea when and how to use it. @d-old, for a better recognition, I’d consider to give it another name to make it more clear what this tool does :wink:

Give us your version?

:joy: I would have bet you ask… My actual version is in german, that won’t help much… But perhaps Susan, as native speaker, has a better one- or two-word description for what that tool does.

If I had to describe it in english, I would perhaps use something like point propagation, linked duplicate or linked copy or so, but I’m not sure if a native speaker would describe it like this, too…

New things sometime requre new thinking. The same words change meaning.:wink:

Could it be simply Copy-Move

Good point, the copied object isn’t a ‘free’ copy. It is linked to the original point. Linked-copy is @pandel’s suggestion. Linked-clone is Inkscape’s terminology.