LibreFashion is our new name

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Implementation of the new name will take place over the next few weeks.
This will involve changes to security certificates, code signing certificates, DNS, changes at Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, Facebook, etc. It’s not a simple process, so it won’t happen all at once.


Excellent. That is great!

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I love it. This is going to be a good change.

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Good. Please check first with LibreOffice aka The Document Foundation whether we can use LibreFashion before investing time and money in the name-change.

Hi @HansLeeu! Thanks for the suggestion. Should we also contact LibreCad, Libre Graphics, Libre Space, Libre Ada, and other Libre projects?

Not trying to sound snarky, but I’m not sure what you expect will happen.

I googled librefashion and there is a Twitter, a Facebook account, and a .com domain with this name. Can that be a problem?

Hello Susan, all Libre xx products are part off and governed by The Document Foundation. They guard all LibreOffice associated products I have send an email to a Dutch member of their Membership Committee. (Easier for me!!) And asked him whether it is allowed to use the prefix Libre… in a product name like LibreFashion.

Anyhow he can probably forward me a name and email-adres of a contact person at TDF I will respond as soon as i get news.

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@HansLeeuw - wow, thanks! We’ll see what they have to say…

LibreFashionStudio.*’ & ‘LibreFashionSuite.*’ are both available.

I suppose the people have spoken, but LibreFashion does not sit well with me. It seems too much like we’re aping LibreOffice instead of getting our own identity.


LIbreFashionDesigner’ is also available.

Hello Susan, according to my contact TDF is only interested in LibreOffice and everything regarding core-development, consultancy and publicity.

This means the road to LibreFashion (not my choice :slight_smile: ) is open.

Keep us informed because a number of URL’s and mail adresses will change. People maybe warned in advance to check their spam-folder before email- and forum post origine are amended. Regards, Hans

Such irony… I guess free is not really free. :wink:

Which IMO makes sense if we were to follow my idea of naming components in the suite… something like LibreDraft (or LibrePattern), LibreTape, LibreCut, etc. Keep in mind that Tape still needs to be renamed. It doesn’t make sense to name the draw program on it’s own LibreFashionSuite.

I like the idea of using “LibreFashionSuite” as 1)It implies something bigger, better and more comprehensive 2)It separates from the few uses of ‘LibreFashion out there.


Our twitter account is @Libre_Fashion

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I guess I’m not surprised that LibreOffice’s trademarks were filed for LibreOffice and not LibreXX. Trademarks are somewhat pricey, and trademark offices don’t usually grant trademarks unless the phrase or name is actually in use, plus they don’t grant parking spot reservations, llike LibreXX. Also, trademarks are associated with type of commerce and category. So this is all good.


Just my 2 cents but I don’t think that having a name that is already out there is a good idea from a marketing standpoint (on top of the fact that I just don’t really like it :wink: but that is another thing) Unique is one of the keys to brand recognition. I think " " Fashion Studio is the best fit for everything then naming each app accordingly. trying to figure out a good word to go into the " ". Pleats is the best one I have come up with so far, but even that is missing something I can’t put my finger on. Still thinking though :slight_smile:

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. Not to mention that the Trademark owner(s) has(have) to “actively” protect the mark (trade or service) or or risk loosing it. Which in of itself can get expensive to go after someone infringing on the mark. A mark is useless unless you have the money to back it up.

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Maybe because I am a native French speaker, but this conversation about whether it is good or not to name the software “Libre something” is pretty weird to me, at different levels: first, “Libre” is the French word for “Free (as in Free Speech)”. It is a common usage word, and reserving its use to LibreOffice would be unfair, pretty much like companies that want to patent DNA sequences they did not invent. :slight_smile: At a second level, it would be even stranger in an free and open-source foundation, to prevent another free and open source community to use this term. :slight_smile: Will everything (Git repo, domain name, etc.) change within next weeks?


I didn’t vote, unfortunatly. But it is my fault. I think that Librefashion is a good name, so I hope that you could go on with this.