Link to Forum in Help menu in Seamly2d - probably DNS needs update

If not please login on the forum, create a new thread. Include:

  • WINE under KUbuntu (emulated windows environment)
  • Seamly2d, build revision: Git:b5ebb07d4al9
  • install Seamly into the emulator environment
  • pattern and measurement file - NA

Install Seamly2d under WINE. Click on desktop Icon to run. Click on Help menu. Click on “Forum” from drop down menu. You will notice that in your browser window you get an error as is not found. This is probably not something that needs to be corrected in the code, it probably indicates that “” points to a non-existent page. Steps need to be completed to move this forum to that URL or else redirect the url “” to point to “

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Yeah we don’t have a Can you add an issue to change this to


added issue #154

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There appears to be no either… ?

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It could be addressed by leaving the code as is and adding forwarding pointers in the DNS entry. It could also be addressed by changing the code. I am fairly sure that changing the code to point to is not the best answer. At any rate, I created the issue and it the issue can be fixed by whatever is determined the best fix.

IMO it’s easier to just fix the code… it takes like 2 secs to find and replace all. I already did that on my end, but found that does not exist - yet. I agree - changing the code BACK to is not the best way to move forward.

I would assume that registering is one of the last steps in the name conversion.

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The same issue exists for the Wiki menu item in the Help menu

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