Loading a file with a broken formula

So, I opened a file in the 20200921 Weekly Release, after playing with it in the curve segmenting experimental release, & got an error, (as well I should:) brokenformula

Node C9’s formula is Spl_C3_C6+.5

So, I was wondering, would it be possible to delete the broken node instead of fix the formula?

As you can see in the greyed out no-really-nothing-is-here view of the work when I press cancel; it does know how to not show the broken node:


Admittedly, it doesn’t seem to show any of the nodes past that point, because the top of the D pieces should have been showing.

If I ought to just cheerfully get over it, & not use main-branch copies of patterns that I like for experimental releases, I’ll be happy to do that. It just seemed like it might be a good idea for the dev-branch of seamly at least, & maybe beyond, even though it’s pretty nifty as is.


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Ideally, error handling would be something like the formula defaulting to some value (perhaps zero) on error so you can at least render something. And then highlighting. But I guess if it were that easy it would have been done already :slight_smile: