MacOS Using Workpiece Tool

Hi there,

I am having issues with the workpiece tool (adding notches, deleting internal paths etc.). I have uploaded a screen recording to WeTransfer (too big to attach) - link. I saw that maybe inUse=“false” could be an issue if I’ve deleted pattern pieces and remade them, but I don’t have any inUse=“false” in my xml file. I also saw maybe there are some issues with the most recent build for Mac, so as Grace suggested in another post, I reverted to the last stable build - this one - but the issue persists.

Any help much appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for making sure the team knows about this bug.

This issue has already been brought up over here: Can't edit paths or create notches in macOS Big Sur 11.6. Apparently if you use your arrow keys to navigate the menu, instead of using the mouse, it works. Meanwhile, hopefully an actual fix can be discovered soon.



Oh!! So sorry for missing that! And thanks for letting me know.


Amazing - it works! THE JOY!


Yeah… this apparently is a Qt / Mac issue… I think out of our control for now. Seems to be “focus” issue with some context menus, where the menu is not getting mouse events, but does get the keyboard events.


Its an issue with the QT scrolling widget and the macos desktop.


It’s a QListWidget in the paths tab OF A QTabWidget… which will use a QAbstractScrollArea “as needed”. I don’t know if it’s the list or scroll area, otherwise the same bad behavior would exist in the Groups dock… which I already asked about - it doesn’t.

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