"Maid's work Apron" (One method)

This was how I drafted a very simple maids apron from a yard square (actually 150cm by 100cm) of simple white cotton, physically, but should be straightforward to draft in Valentina.

"Required 1 Yard square, ( I actually had 150m by 100m but had a lot of spare material. so it should be possible do this with a 1m square fabric piece.)

"Fold Fabric halfway, and on fold draft as follows…

From top center on fold A makr B bust (Example: 8 inches), C Waist line and D base ( typically the length of fabric, but may be made shorter if needed.

  • From A square out to A1 ( 1/2 Shoulder to shoulder front Example: 8 inches) .
  • And B square out to B1 (1/4 Bust circle Example 12 in. )
  • And C square out to C1 (1.4 Waist circle Example 9 in)
  • D-> D1 same as B -> B1

Curve through A1, B1 ,C1, and then a smooth diagonal to D1. Pattern piece for apron front is (clockwise) A, A1, B1,C1, via the curve drawn, D1, D, A., which is cut on the fold to create the apron front.

On the other side of the fabric place 2 rectangles approx 4 in (width) each to 1yd (ie length of material) This will produce a waistband and 2 shoulder straps. when cut. (The spare length can either be sewn into the waist-band for stiffening).

The waist band is folded over and sewn centered on the waist line vetrically , I.e there is a hem./seam approx 1 inch above and below the wasitband, and on the center line of the front peice when cut. The shoulder straps are swen folded over to 2 in width, and sewn to the top left/top right of the front."

To put the apron on, place wiastband at waist, and taking the ends of the waistband pull to rear, and tie in bow. Then place shoulder straps over shoulders crossing at mid back, loop straps over waist band and tie ends in bow.

This design should ideally be cut in stiff cotton or starchable fabric"

This is a very simple pattern/design I drafted quickly, I’ve omitted a neck line, others here probably have more complex designs or improvements."

An alternative method dating from 1909 is at: Late Victorian to Edwardian Maid’s Work Apron, 1909 - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion. It appears to have a wrap around skirt.

both posts appear to be reasonably good descriptions of what it might take to CREATE a pattern, but it is misleading to call either of them a pattern

Thanks. Moving this back to “Uncategorized” .

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Ok, it looks like you are posting a lot of requests for patterns that you would like to have, but you aren’t actually a Valentina user. This forum is for users of Valentina software. I would suggest that you use these instructions that you have posted to begin to learn Valentina. Otherwise it would seem that you are off topic.

For what it’s worth this is the pattern file I had so far on the very early build of Valentina (0.4.4) I was able to get running on my now ancient OS (Windows XP SP3)

Apron.vit (800 Bytes) Apron2.val (7.8 KB)

I’m still not sure how to draft the curves (for the neck and bib line), as the method I’d use in Inkscape is clearly inapplicable to method Valentina uses…

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Curves are very easy to create instead of the lines. Have a look at the e-book here for a brief explanation of all the different tools:

The page after the cover has a pretty extensive index on it and if you ctrl/click on the item you want to read about, it will take you to that section. Other than that, you can work your way through one of the tutorials that are already on the wiki here:

Or you can search all the previous posts helping people with curves. Just use the magnifying glass at the top right to type in ‘curves’ and a lot of very good questions and answers will pop up. Here’s one that I found: How to Require curve to pass through or by a point? - #13 by Grace

If you need any more help with curves, please don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

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