Making plushies

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if Seamly 2D could be used to create plushies patterns from a 3D object made in a 3D software like Maya (for instance using an .obj file).

This is my first contact with the plushies world and I am doing some research to look for the best option to make my own plushies patterns.

thanks a lot for reading and commenting your ideas :slight_smile:


Hi, @funart! Thanks for stopping by!

While that would be totally awesome, I believe it is well outside Seamly’s roadmap. Here there be dragons.

Seamly is a flat pattern drafting CAD, & though it is intended to someday display the final product in 3D, reversing that is well beyond, & probably off the course of, any current plans, let alone imminent reality.

However, if you would like to stick around & play with using Seamly for flat-pattern drafting, I think you will find that Seamly’s parametric drafting system is super useful for making measurement adjustments once your pattern is properly drafted. We’ll be glad to help you on your journey!



Hi Pneumarian, thanks a lot for your comments, that would be totally awesome, as the idea is making the patterns as professionally as I can, so I would be probably using Seamly for adjusting the patterns once I figure out how to do them from my 3d models.

thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


Hey @funart! If you can smush it down flat into a 2D pattern, like with Pepakura, we can help you convert the straight lines to curves and add input parameters (measurements, variables) so you can resize it, change it to different designs, and make your work reusable.