Mapping measuments from drafting instructions to seamly2d named measurements

A user on a different forum asked me to provide mapping from the measurements in this article
sewing for sissy maids: Chapter 2: How to measure yourself.

I chose to answer the question publicly here in an attempt to provide a useful set of instructions for people using various pattern making systems to express the measurements required by Seamly2d and for which the data entry program SeamlyME may be used. Over the next few days I will create a set of instructions on this forum to point a user to relevant instructions in the WIKI to get understand how the measurements map to Seamly2D measurements.


The first step to mapping the measurements is identifying the set of measurements required. In the article instructions are given for determining each measurement. This measurements required for this project are listed below:

  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • Bust circumference
  • Front bust
  • Back bust
  • Waist circumference
  • Neck circumference
  • Nape to waist
  • Neck to bust
  • Front shoulder to waist
  • Shoulder to bust
  • Back shoulder to waist
  • Armpit to waist
  • Waist to mid-thigh
  • Armpit to waist
  • Bicep circumference
  • Overarm length
  • Underarm length
  • Front dart width
  • Back dart width
  • Front dart drop
  • Ease
  • Seam allowance

The wiki identifies the list of standard measurements and named points on the human body. This information can be found at

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