Mark match points?

Hello, I just downloaded today and am getting the hang of it very quickly. I was wondering, is there a way to mark match points on the pattern so that it will print off? Like the crest of the shoulder curve, match points on princess seams, etc.


Probably you are talking about issue #157 New feature: Passmarks tool.

Howdy, yes probably the Passmarks Tool would be the way to go. However until that is finished and released, I have developed two ways of providing points for marks and notches etc.

  1. Via Internal Path: You can place points throughout your pattern at the measurement that you want your mark/notch. Then make a 90 degree point off those points. Then use the internal paths tool to connect those points. That way it will show in layout as a line that you can mark. And if you extend it outside of the pattern (more than your seam allowance) it will even extend through the seam allowance.
  2. Another option is to make actual marks/notches in your pattern via points. But this can cause a little more work for you when adding a seam allowance, as you then need to add custom seam allowances to each point in the mark/notch so that the mark/notch will extend through the seam allowance.

Either way, these methods do work for my way of design and manufacture. But I am looking forward to the eventual Passmarks solution.


How do I access the internal path tool? I can’t find it.

Which version do you use?

I’ve got version

The internal path tool available only since 0.5.0.

Yeah, sorry. Should have clarified that I am using the latest test version.