Marker making

Hey Fred,

We have not added marker features yet. We are still developing the features required to make the initial pattern. I don’t know of any free or cheap marker programs. The only ones I know are pricey add-ons to patternmaking software.

Would you like to add this feature to the issues list? We want the community to add the features that they want, it lets us know that these features are worth implementing. You, your feature requests and comments are indispensable in developing this program.

Please create a Bitbucket account and add an issue here: Be as descriptive as you wish with your issue request. Upload any .png, .jpg, or .pdf files you think will help illustrate the request. You’ll receive email when any discussion and work occurs.

Thanks! SusanOn Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 7:37 AM, frederic couzin wrote:

hi, i am looking for a manual marker making software : is this within the scope of valentina project ? would you recommend any ( free or cheap) ? thanks fred

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