Marking pleats in layouts?

Hi there,

as I just created a pattern where I put a pleat in the back piece, I was wondering if there is any way to mark it properly and draw an arrow in how to fold it? I did mark the fold with an internal path, that worked fine. Its just that pleats in the patterns I use usually are marked in a certain way, including the arrow where and how to lay the pleat.

Currently there is no way to label or place arrows on a pattern piece. Unless you hack, or forgo using the labels in a normal fashion… like maybe your name is ← PLEAT.

Thank you.

Bad luck for me then :smiley:; I am already using both labels, as I am a lazybone but still want to have all pieces marked properly in order to find them together :slight_smile: So I have one pattern label with the filename, date and customer name and one with the piece-spezific things.

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IMO being able to add other text (without exporting to another program) should be a priority… besides pleats there’s things fold, center front, gather here, etc that you might want to notate.

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