Mauvais point sélectionné dans l'opération de rotation


Lorsque j’ai utilisé l’outil de rotation pour ouvrir la pince poitrine bretelle puis la refermer pour créer une pince poitrine sous l’emmanchure, j’ai sélectionné le point A27 comme point d’extrémité de l’épaule, qui est donc devenu le point A27a5 dans la première rotation puis le point A27a5a6 dans la deuxième rotation. Or je me suis rendue compte que c’était pas le point A27 le point d’extrémité de l’épaule mais le point A41. Est-il possible de modifier cela ou est-ce que je suis obligée de tout refaire?

Je vous remercie d’avance pour votre aide


Hello @Mariab

Unfortunately, you will need to do it all over from the beginning again. :sob:

What I’ve taken to doing is, I place all the items that I want to rotate into a group and everything else into another group (or series of groups). Then it turn the ‘eye’ off on all the other things, so that I can only see the items that are for the rotation.

Having each rotation in its own group also helps to keep your pattern tidy later - you can turn the ‘eye’ off on the intermittent rotations :slight_smile:

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No doubt adding the ability to display and edit an operational tool’s objects would be a welcomed feature.

Interesting point to bring up… this was one of the stumbling blocks I had when working on my own fork - that is, automagically adding all the objects from an opertation (like rotate) to a group from the tool’s creation dialog - without having to individually select them all again. Since working out the point names & colors, and gaining a greater insight into the opertions tools, I should be able to address this when I get to updating the groups feature, as well as adding the ability to edit an opertional tool’s object list. Plus when I get to that point, I will also add the color & lineType attributes to an operation’s objects, so you can color for ex a rotation’s objects and point names “Pink” for easier identification.