Men's Button Up Shirt Pattern

I posted a men’s button up shirt pattern for anyone who is interested. I am working on a series of video instructions on how to sew it as well.

Any input that folks have to share would be valuable to me.


Bonjour @Grace,

Merci beaucoup pour tout cela. Je n’arrive pas à créer les mesures et j’ai pourtant bien regarder les instructions.

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Thank you for posting this pattern on your website @koshaugh!!! Super fantastic work!!!


I get the error that /home/seamly2d/measurements/individual/testperson.vit doesn’t exist. Can you please upload that file? thanks

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Thanks for sharing valuable draft. I am I need one more file to specify measurement (.vit) Would you share me additional .vit file as well?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @heroyik,

What you can do is start the SeamlyMe app. Start a new measurement file. Then under the Measurements menu select “Import from a pattern”. Select the shirt (.val) pattern file wherever it is saved, and a set of empty measurements will be created for that pattern. From there you just need to fill in the measurements, Save-as, and you should be able to use the pattern file after selecting your new set of measurements when you open the pattern.

Hope this helps.


I actually loaded the pattern and just a note… the known measurement “armscye_length” used in the pattern is actually the “armscye depth.” It would be like calling the diameter of a circle the length. ;(

The common term armscye length (or just armscye) is referred to armscye_circ in the app.


Yeah, I have switched the pattern to use the circumference. It was too difficult for folks to measure the depth accurately. I still had the terminology wrong though, thanks for the feedback. I’ve gone through several iterations of this pattern since I originally posted it, sewing many many muslins. I think I’m narrowing in on something I’m finally happy with.


No - not your fault. I think the “known” armscye measurement term is wrong. The app refers to what is commonly known as the armscye depth as armscye length. In the real world you can refer to armscye length, armscye circumference, or simply armscye and everyone should know what is being referred to. Basically, I saw armscye_length as a measurement, and by nature put in an avg 19" armscye length… the pattern flipped out. So it dawned on me that it was reffering to the depth… putting 9" in created a normal pattern :slight_smile:

Just as an aside… it would be a nice feature if we could add a data check to see if a measurement is outside the normal and warn the user.


LOL, yes. But would this be possible? One would have to go into huge studies of the eight-head theory used by artists to find some sort of norm which would be thrown out on the plus sizes anyway.

Yes it would be possible. I recall one of the Wild Ginger programs we have would give you a warning if a measurement seemed out of range. For example, it would be pretty safe to say that no one is going to have a 2 or 30 inch neck circ. Likewise no one is going to have a 19 inch armscye depth. In no way though would I have the app not accept a measurement because maybe the limits seem arbitrary.

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Hey @koshaugh,

I was playing around with the shirt pattern, and I found it interesting how you used a arc as an internal path to simulate dot symbols for notches. :slight_smile:

That being said, don’t know if you’re aware but the current Seamly2D handles notches in a proper manner. You can select the type, size & number (1-3) to create standard front, side, and back notches.

Here you can see I used a typical commercial pattern V notch, with a count of 2 to indicate the back half of the sleeve,


I’m not receiving notifications to updates on this thread for some reason, even though I am watching it. Thanks for the feedback - I was still learning the ins and outs of the program when I made this version of the pattern.

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Hi @koshaugh, normally, when your forum name gets mentioned with an @ sign in front of it, you should receive an email notifying you that someone has mentioned you and also when there has been further conversation on a topic that you are watching. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to see

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