Mi first pattern

Hello again: i was so busy learning and watching tutorials. At last mi first try. A base skirt. Well i must to ask you something i forget to make print screen.Can someone remember me how to do it?



¡Que bueno! :partying_face:

If you’re using a PC, (Windows or Linux) there should be a “print screen” key on your keyboard, probably in line with the F1-12 keys, but above the group of buttons with “page up” & “page down.”

On a Macintosh press command+shift+3.

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Very well done! @Malicat. It’s looking really nice and very tidy :slight_smile:

I use a small free app called Lightshot to do screenshots. It works on most platforms and allows me to add arrows & text in different colours.

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The “Windows” key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) + Print Screen key. Usually saves to User’s pictures->screenshots. There’s probably a setting somewhere to change where snapshots are saved.


Thanks for one moment i’d forgotten how to do it.

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Ole ole y olé. Skirt with darts but with my own measures. the next i don’t know. T-shirt maybe?


:slight_smile: A T-Shirt sounds very good.