Multisize measurements for bra's in SeamlyMe

Hi, everybody,

I am using Seamly2d for quite some time now and usually the indivual measurements (in SeamlyMe) because I make patterns for bra’s. I use the Merckwaerdigh methode (dutch) to make my patterns.I tried to figure out how to use the multisize measurements which is based on a different (whole body) sized system than the bra system. Is there a possibilty to have the option to change this system? Or in the future? Because now I have to put in at least 13 sizes and their parameters step by step into individual measurements of SeamlyMe. And I think this might be a little easier when I use the multisize measurements for Bra’s.

Many thanks, Esther Dekker


Hi and welcome, @freelancer For bra making, I’m not too sure since even in dressmaking, the sizes go in batches of about 4 or 5 sizes so you will have to make a few files for the various sections. I think that what you are doing is the best way.

However, you can save yourself some time by using the ‘Create from Existing’ option in the file menu. This will create a blank measurements file with all the different codes so that you only need to enter in the actual measurements and save the file in a new name and it will only work for individual measurement files (.vit)



Hi Grace,

Thank you very much for your quick response. You confirmed my thoughts. And I haven’t used this option. So I’ll try this for certain.

Thanks!! Esther

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