Multisize table in inches

Would it be possible to be able to create multisize table using inches? I am using Joseph Armstrong values and have to convert everything to cm.

No, we do not support inches for multisize table.

The range of numbers in the size picklist is taken from a Russian size table for men’s clothing. The ‘size’ is actually the range from min to max of ‘chest circumference’ and ‘height’. We intend to change the size list in the future, because we can’t create size tables for anything but men’s clothing. But for now we are working on some other pressing issues.

Would you be willing to donate towards issues like these? More donations mean fixes will happen faster. You could donate via Paypal on our website at

Couldn’t a variable be used here? (#inches=2.54) A measurement of 6" would be used in a formula as (6*#inches) to automatically convert it to cm. That should be clear enough for those who still use Imperial.

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Young Men - 36-29.vit (6.8 KB) Young Men - 37-30.vit (6.6 KB) Young Men - 38-31.vit (6.5 KB) Young Men - 39-32.vit (6.6 KB) Young Men - 40-33.vit (6.5 KB) Young Men - 41-34.vit (6.6 KB) Young Men - 42-35.vit (6.6 KB) Young Men - 43-36.vit (6.6 KB) Young Men - 44-37.vit (6.5 KB) Young Men - 45-38.vit (6.6 KB)

here is my tables as young men measurements from HELEN JOSEPH-ARMSTRONG plus some another values for making pants may be use full for u best regards


Hi @Jzabihi,
Can you create a new post with your measurement tables?
If these tables are embedded in at the end of this long thread, many people will not see them.

Can they go somewhere in the wiki?

@slspencer and @KeithFromCanada I have been attempting to post .val files and .vit files on the wiki and I believe that it can’t be done because of a limitation in the file types that the wiki will accept for upload. I have created a table on the wiki which I intended to use to link the vit and val files if I could upload them, but instead I have decided to store the files on and simply list their names in the table. if it is possible for someone with administrator privileges on the wiki to open up the upload of those additional file extensions, that would simplify the process

I need to ask the Miraheze wiki people to add .val & .vit files to our uploads configuration .

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