My husband may of saved me

I will first apologize and want people to know that it is not my intention to upset people. This morning as my husband and I were having coffee and breakfast, he made a good point. As I said at least in my eyes he’s really smart with what all he can do. Yesterday he spent about 4 hours trying to figure out where I was having a prolbem with this program. An several times he went to the forum with me. Anyway he explained to me this morning that this reminded him of a couple prolbems that the engineers created at his job and it reminded him of something that his dad also experienced years before. He wants me to do something today to prove his point. He wants me to skip using seamlyme and enter my gathered measurements manualy if that is at all possible, well I’ll be trying this out after I get through cleaning. He told me by all the posts he’s read that and with the prolbems I’m having, that the prolbems seam to be associated with seamlyme. He also said that if seamly2d hadn’t been messed with to much that it was nothing more than any cad program. As I’ve said before he’s a machinists (?sp) with considerable experience with Boeings (retired) and I can remember how he would come home really mad complaining about the engineers that sent him things. So I trust him. He also told me that I could come out to his shop and he’d help me put my measurements his in computer that he uses to run his lathe and some mill thing. I’ll let everyone know what I find out in a couple days.


Hello everything is fine? Seamly is software where is it?Just open the tape or seamly me to add your measurements, it will be easier. Start with simpler projects to understand the tool There are several videos on YouTube in Portuguese with simple projects, you just need to subtitle the YouTube video itself.Aula 07: Peça 2 - Máscara com pregas - YouTube

30 minutes ago I started and within about 15 I had created a bodice front compleat with darts, and seam allowances. My husband was right, due to the rigid measurements in seamlyme there lied the prolbems not to mention the aditional prolbems that program has. I can now create my base patterns on the computer and save them as a file, instead of keeping paper files. This was my whole goal. But my husband had to remind me to burn a copy just in case. Smarty pants. I still love him regardless. He has kinda a swollen head right now, thats okay he deserves a atta a boy. I’ll fix him a good dinner, but the hug I got from him telling me he knew I could do it, wasn’t bad either. But as for others to be able to wrap their minds around this, it is advisable to have a fairly good knowlage of what you are doing and do it as you would draft your pattern by hand. Just keep all your measurements you would use on paper or create a file on your computer that you can referance. I havent printed a test but I’ll do that later, might or not be a challenge to get that done. Anyway now I know where all the prolbems lie things will move quicker from here. I am sorry but I do not know how to develop software, but I did find a way around that might make it easer for some. As soon as I can get some time as were getting ready for winter I’ll post a picture of a dress I have in mind for one of my dolls. Have fun y’all

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Oh, wow! @Chloe, I’m so proud of you :rofl:

I think that your 1st problem was making a multisize measurement file instead of one for individuals (.vit). But once you have your measurement file, it’s a case of just put your head down & get stuck in. It’s an awful amount of fun and an enormous sense of achievement when you have your 1st item drafted, printed, cut out & actually made. Even if it doesn’t look like a million dollars.

And I find that the people who battle the most in the beginning are the ones that really do create great things with Seamly.

I can’t think of anyone who was upset. I love helping people on here and I most certainly wasn’t. I was just making a (perhaps feeble) joke :laughing:

Not really. Seamly2D is meant to work with SeamlMe so that the pattern will adjust to the measurements saved in a SeamlyMe .vit or .vst file.

Can you just use Seamly2D and “hard code” all your measurements in the pattern file? Yes, but if you need to change a measurement it can become tedious to edit any and all formulas that use that measurement. Not mention the fact it defeats the purpose of the application’s design to automatically adjust a pattern to a user’s measurements.

Let me put it this way… one of the uses of the application is as a front end to downloading patterns online, where a user can input their measurements, the pattern is then generated in your size, and you download it. Without the separate SeamlyMe measurement file this is not possible. So no… it’s not just a CAD program.


If I have a pattern with multiple pieces, I use a cad program like qcad to combine the different dxf files, so that I can send a pdf to an online plotting service :wink:

Rotating a pattern only for using less space on an A0-Paper is something a cad program can better.

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Just curious - Why not just send the dxf file(s) to the plotting service?

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This ‘mass-production-service’ accepts only pdf files :wink: and if there is something to near at the edge, it will not be printed. therefore selecting the format and pdf format has to be done by me :slight_smile: but A0 for 0,95€ is a good price!