New features in SeamlyMe?

In SeamlyMe I am missing the possibility to edit the “Known Measurements” database. Especially the possibility to write a “translation code” to the pattern making system I use, and the name for the measurement in my langue (Danish) in the description field, and the possibility to use the “Letter 2 digits” code for names in Seamly2d. I know that I could just make them as Custom measurements but then I don’t have the diagrams to use for memory.


Hi! Welcome to Seamly. Thanks for bringing this idea up. Does this thread help any?: Program Languages - Translations


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Not exactly, the Danish part was more meant as an example. My challenge is more that I am trying different pattern systems to compare the result, and find out which I will preferer in the future. At the moment I have made a spreadsheet with the translation from for example Joseph-Armstrongs books to Seamly, so that I know that when She refers to measurement 5 (centre length) then it is H01 (Neck front to Waist front) in seamly.

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