New file extensions

Hey all… just a heads up.

To complete the rebranding of the applications I’ve been working on replacing the old file extensions with new ones, as well as new icons to go along with them.

Here’s the breakdown of the new extensions:

Pattern files will now be saved as sm2d for Seamly2d files.

*.val → *.sm2d

Individual measurements will be saved as smis for SeamlyMe Individual Size files.

*.vit → *smis

Multisize measurements will be saved as smms for SeamlyMe Multi Size files.

*.vst → *smms

For comparison here’s the existing icons:

and the new ones:

The “orange” ME icon is for use in SeamlyMe for the “Open Template” actions. It will filter the path for *.vit, *.vst, *.smis, and *.smms.


The Open individual and Open multisize file dialogs will filter for *.vit, *.smis and *.vst, *.smms repectively.


It’s happening. The next weekly build will switch the default to the new Seamly file extensions. You will still be able to load the old val / vit / vst extensions, but the apps will now save with the new extensions.


Cool. I think this will be a good thing. Annoying during the transition, but needed to properly move forward.



Yup. For new users they won’t know any difference. It will just be existing users having to deal with what to do with the v files after they get resaved with the new extension.

The last thing to do is remove the remaining V prefixes from the class names in the code… which I’ve been slowly doing.


Just to note… I forgot that the “indivudal size” file icon got changed to SSIS… so it’s: