New Hofenbitzer pattern book in English

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Long time lurker here. I just wanted to let you all know that Guido Hofenbitzer’s “Grundschnitte und Modellentwicklung” has just been released in English and is called “Patternmaking for Fashion 1.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hofenbitzer, he is a tailor and teacher in Germany and uses a pattern making system based on Mueller und Sohn, with the author’s tweaks and improvements. His 2 books are considered by some to be the best current basic pattern making books for their price range.

His explanations and illustrations are very detailed.

I especially like his use of “Fit Categories” with precise amounts and locations of ease for different types of garments from corsets to coats. Incorporating the Fit Category ease amounts into my Bodice Sloper pattern increments in Seamly2D/Valentina allows me to easily switch from a close-fitting sloper pattern to a looser fitting blouse, for example.

I loved his method so much that I studied enough German to make my own translations of many of the chapters of his books! Enough of that!

So, if you are interested in a detailed, up-to-date, less expensive version of Mueller und Sohn, IN ENGLISH, you can find the book at the publisher’s site

Patternmaking for Fashion 1 (

Also there are many youtube videos on the author’s site (in German). If you click on the close captioning (CC) you can translate to your language. Guy Ho - YouTube


I just saw this mentioned on the tailor and cutter site, it sounds interesting. I will check out the videos! Thanks!

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I just saw his small scale rulers here and :star_struck:

As much as I appreciate Mueller&Sohn, their books and methods are completely out of my budget range.

The videos are quite straightforward, the method and the book seem promising. Do you happen to know how many volumes are in development ?

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LOL, I can only dream. Maybe one day… :slight_smile:

It looks like Hofenbitzer divided his book Grundschnitte und Modellentwicklungen into 2 volumes in the English translation, of which the first has been published. Also, he states that his book on fit problems, Maßschnitte und Passform, will also be translated into English and will be Volume 3 of the series to be published in 2023. This is from the preface of the English translation:

This 1st volume Patternmaking for Fashion volume 1, Basic Practice contains

  • General explanations on creating a pattern
  • Taking measurements
  • Standards for pattern drawing
  • All the important basic patterns
  • Established basic pattern-conversions
  • Basic shapes and dividing seams
  • Neckline design and darts
  • Many established model developments, where sleeves, pocket and collar designs are demonstrated and described in detail
  • Developments of facings and linings

The 2nd volume of Patternmaking for Fashion volume 2, Professional Practice will contain

  • Overview to the basic pattern of the 1st volume
  • Basic pattern for plus size figures
  • Basic patterns and models for sportswear, lingerie and unisex clothing
  • A collection of common collar models
  • A collection of common hoods
  • A collection of common sleeve models
  • Established model developments
  • Size chart for plus size figures and other templates

This note about the 3rd volume is on p17 within the text about taking measurements:

The 3rd volume Patternmaking for Fashion volume 3, Customized Patterns and Fit, Master Practice will contain comprehensive information and step-by-step instructions for handling problems with regard to fit. Estimated publish date in English 2023

Also lots of downloadable resources on his website including German measurement tables, his ease chart for the different fit classes, and downloadable bodice, skirt and pants slopers in PDF format in 1:4 and 1:1 scaling.


Wow :star_struck: I just looked at the downloadable ressources, thanks ! Interesting things, though my technical german-to-french/english lexicon might not be as sharp as needed. I will look for ordering the books :slightly_smiling_face:



I bought the book “Patternmaking for fashion 1 Basic practice”, so beautiful book !

But do you know if the 2nd book translated in English has been published ? and maybe the 3rd book as well, because I didn’t see these books on Internet. :confused:

Thank you so much.

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