New option for Point - On Curve, On Spline, and On Arc

Hey folks…

I’ve been working on a new feature that @Onetchou requested… being able to select whether to add a point on a curve with a length from the start or end point. This will eliminate the formula gymnastics of having to subtract the length from the curve length to place the Point the distance of “Length” from the end point.

After resolving a slight glitch I should have the feature fully working with the Point - On Curve, Point - On Spline, and Point - On Arc.

You’ll be able to select the Direction - forward or backward from a dropdown box:


The xml schema will now contain a “direction” attribute of either “forward” or “backward”.


The default direction will be “forward”.


Amazing, thank you very much @Douglas, it’ll be really helpful, especially to easilly draft sleeve or back vents :blush:

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It should make it easier for new users who may not quite have caught on how to go through the formula gymnastics.



Oh… BTW… I had to create a new Property plugin anyways for the Direction. I thought there was a generic combobox property. Nope. So I had to make one up for the direction combobox. Oh well. :roll_eyes:



Woo hoo.

Resolved the minor glitch I was having placing the point at the proper place when the backward option was selected. The routine that gets the length of a curve, spline, or arc returns a value in pixels, and not the pattern units. Therefore the point was always being placed at the last point minus 1mm. The Point On tools always expect to have a length > 0 - therefore the tools set the length at a minimum of 1mm even if the formula value is 0. It was a simple matter of converting the pixel length to unit length, and Voila!


Screenshot 2024-07-04 072954


Oh, wow! @Douglas. You’re a :star2:

With Point on Arc:

Screenshot 2024-07-04 080309 Screenshot 2024-07-04 080252

With Point On Spline:

Screenshot 2024-07-04 080610 Screenshot 2024-07-04 080559


Thank you very much, @Douglas. This is so wonderful!!! :partying_face: :star_struck: :star2:

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Thank you very much @Douglas !!! :star_struck: