New Point Question

I can’t seem to figure out how to create a new point that is not connected to any previous point. I have drafted the bodice, and I want to draft the sleeve whose dimensions depending part on dimensions in the bodice. How do I create a fresh point that is not connected to the bodice?

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Hello @JLM123

What I do is I create point at the angle & direction that I would like to place the new article and then make the Line Type no line. This way, if the 2nd part is the skirt and I want to join them together later, I can adjust the angle and length to join them.

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Can’t be done. Every point has to be connected to previous points within a draft block. As Grace suggested you can choose to hide a visible line between points, but they’re still connected. It has to do with the dependency tree, where if tool points were not connected, the concept of referencing / de-referencing other tools in the formulas falls apart.