New Tool - Union in Draw Mode

Hi everyone, I’d like to suggest a new tool - the same as the Union Tool but that works in Draw/Draft mode. I’ve already created my pattern and used the Union Tool, but now I find that I can’t add internal paths or dart changes, etc. to my joined up raglan sleeve.

I’ve tried using the Move and Rotate tools to create my raglan sleeve in Draft mode, but when I resize the pattern, they move out of line, so I’m thinking that it would be much easier to edit and make changes rather than having to keep going through the process of pairing up 2 pattern parts x2 (for back & front) and then pairing up the resulting front & back parts to create the whole sleeve, multiple times to test that the added bits are showing in the correct places over various sizes.

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Hi @Grace, Agreed. This would be super useful. It’s basically these steps:

  • Define the group to be moved
  • Select the two connection points within the group.
  • Select the two destination points.
  • The Group is Moved & Rotated to bring the connecting points together.
  • It’s okay if the combination of connecting lines, curves, and arcs don’t exactly match up. It’s the points we want to connect. If there are gaps in the result these can be corrected with new lines, curves, etc.

@Grace Please update this Move + Rotate issue with your comments and the above steps.THANK YOU @GRACE YOU ROCK!


Wow! Thank you, @slspencer :blush: :blush: :blush:

I trimmed it down a bit but added a link to this discussion. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Would we not also want the option to flip a group to match points instead of rotating?

Also… thinking down the road - would it not be of use for such tools as moving objects and connecting to other objects to have a grid and the ability to “snap” points together interactively as an additional way as opposed to selecting points from a dropdown box?

I’d have to think about the difficulty in adding the proposed feature(s)… it’s quite different dealing with points in draft mode vs the piece mode where a piece is more or less reduced to a list of xy path points with no formulas or dependencies.


:heart_eyes: I have total faith :slight_smile:

Perhaps keep it simple for now, but with an option to add this later?

Yes, when I was trying to move things in Draft mode, I was wondering (wishing) why there wasn’t something like this :slight_smile:

I love your ideas :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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We currently have Flip, Rotate, and Move tools. No need to add ‘Flip’ later. :slight_smile: All we’re doing is combining them.