New translations project

I’ve contacted Transifex to ask what we can do to move forward on our own as Seamly2D, with a fork of the translations. They have passed our request to their technical team. I don’t think they currently have a defined process to fork a translations project, but they are very sympathetic to our situation and it looks like they will provide a solution.


Thank you for the informations :slight_smile:

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Any news on this topic?

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@slspencer what is the status here?

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It seams that translations mouved to crowdin, but the translater weren‘t notified: Seamly2D translations in Crowdin

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Thank you @Atropos for the info :slight_smile:

Hi, how can I join to make czech translation? Thanks

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Hi @petulinkax Thank you very much, your help will be totally appreciated. I’m hoping that someone will come & tell us what to do :slight_smile:

Edit: I had a look on this link: Seamly2D translations in Crowdin All you need to do is to register yourself and login in. Then you can work on whichever language you wish. I didn’t see Czech listed, so perhaps @slspencer will add it to the list.

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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Thanks a lot! Looks like someone in history tried to make czech version, but most strings are still english.

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Yes, we had a whole lot of different languages which we have chizelled down a bit because we don’t have translators. Also, we are so busy upgrading the program, at the moment, that I’m afraid the translations have taken a bit of a back seat. We’re hoping to reach a point (soon) where we will be able to start loading up the new translations.

This is why I’m so happy that you have come and offered your help. I’m really grateful. Thank you very much.

Totally undestand, I registered & joined the translation project, so now just waiting comes :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this is outdated or not? Anyway I believe it’s a moot point until someone (like me) runs an lupdate on the code and pushes to Github the changed ts files to work on.

I know we discussed other ways outside of a translation service to translate the apps. Maybe we should take a look at the issue again.

The best, but hardest solution is knowing how to use Qt Linguist and the source code, creating an lupdate, editing the translations, creating the qm files with lrelease, and pushing the changes to Github.

Secondly I could produce the czech ts files (they’re just xml text files) , and one could edit these using just QLinquist, or the hardway using any text editor, and I could take the edited ts files to produce the qm files and push the changes.

Thirdly… we could try an use the Wiki to create tables (from the ts files) of the words / phrases that need translation, any user could edit the tables, and when there are updates in the tables, convert the table back to ts, create qm, etc.

I can do all the lupdate, lrelease, pushing changes stuff… other than some basic French I’d be at a loss in actual translations - short of using Google translate. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I only speak English, Afrikaans & a smattering of French, Zuly & Sutho, with a teeny bit of German & Portuguese (which I’ve totally forgotten now). And I find that google translate doesn’t really do pattern making :joy:

@Douglas I’m afraid first solution won’t be the best for us (me) :smiley: - I made a quick search and find out, QtL is paid app, right? But other options are good for now (I’ve been hardediting few years ago not just xml files, I had to edit source code and that was really schizophrenic work :smiley: But hope this won’t be necessary here :D) And agree about the Google thing - he’s really bad at pattern making :smiley:

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You should be able to get the free Qt ver upto 5.15.2 - which is the ver being used on the Github builds. I’m using 5.15.0 still. My understanding is after 5 15.2 it’s a paid ver. That being said you can just run QLiquist as a standalone - you don’t need the whole framework to do the translations. You would need the .ts files though… which currently doesn’t exist for Czech - they have to be created with QLinguist running an lupdate. Normally if they existed, you could clone the repo on Github, use the existing .ts files, edit them (preferably in QLiguist), run lrelease, push the changes and create a Pull Request.

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Given that there currently are no Czech translations, everything needs translating… including all the standard stuff that is not pattern related. New, Open, Close, Save, Help… etc. At least zmost, if not all the English - which all the translations are based on - has been corrected. :slight_smile:

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Yes, a lot of the other languages also need 'standard stuff" translations, Like the Portuguese.

Thanks, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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I took a look myself… there does appear the be Czech translation files, but like all of the ts files they are out of date with all the changes made to the UI.

Anyhow Qt’s linquist will run as a standalone… it’s really the best way to edit the ts files. Here’s a screencap… cz

On the left is a context list - which contains all the classes which have translations in them. I picked MainWindow, and you can see that 110 out of 266 items have been translated. To the right is a list of the items… the ones with a ? need translating. Below that you enter the translation. Which for the most is all one has to do, unless there are ambiguities to resolve.

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I’ve made a spreadsheet (as best I could) of all the measurement codes and languages. I’m afraid there’s a whole lot of work that needs to be done in this department :cry:

And now the forum won’t let me upload an ODS file :frowning: So here’s the XLSX:

Translations.xlsx (61.7 KB)