New videos in Italian

I added some videos in Italian about Seamly2d on my Channel Cucito e Modelli, in which I explain the main features and the tools of Seamly2d:


Thank you very much Marydinata55 for your videos. Even if we do not speak Italian it is self explanatory. I had difficulties using the arc tools and everything is clear now thanks to your video. You did a great job.


@picholine you are very kind. I thought to make the same videos in English, in the future.

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:slight_smile: That would be wonderful @marydonata55. We also need some in Spanish, as well, if you can.

I don’t speak Spanish, I am sorry @Grace

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I have added the link to your YouTube videos on the Wiki:

Thank you very much for making them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the add, I am recording the same videos in English. It will take some time, because it is not simple for me.


I have uploaded 3 very short videos that don’t have any sound onto Youtube that show the very beginners how to create a pattern from a diagram, to get started with Seamly2D.