"Nice" new layout

… only not practicable.


This pattern worked already two versions ago… I just changed one length and wanted to print it again.

Sorry folks that I use this forum for bug reports on the other fork; I only can’t find the other forum any more and know that @dismine reads here.

I really hope that the Ubuntu-build will work soon :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, it’s the build from Nov. 14, Valentina 0.6

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Not a problem…we’re here to help you as much as possible.

And yeah, it seems that a layout problem was introduced into the latest other build.

And what is anybody in this forum going to do about it? I was shocked to read that this space appears to be now riding off the back of the single developer and still posting complaints - without so much as any real engineering effort by way of return or compensation. It is just so crass. Can someone please tell me in all this recent confusion - is this the original Valentina or some marketing nonsense that simply pulls the wool over the eyes of all the effort from the other fork because it is rather annoying that a community would go out of their way to state that problems are caused by engineering - in an open source project. That is the 100% full time state of an open source project and it relies not on negative, sniping bad taste feedback but credible feedback that actually contributes at the fundamental level of real change - if you have the coding skills. It’s not the domain of arm-chair critics.

Am I now in the right forum with the engineers doing the coding or is this a bunch of people riding off the back of the original engineering effort? I would personally like some clarity as it is the original engineer that I would want to place any contributing effort behind - not people who complain when it is obvious others in engineering are doing what they set out to do - develop the program and people debug without the silly comments.

Please state if this is the forum for the main development and engineering originator or something else, as it is still not clear as to what or who the Seamly team comprises of or if the is is even still an open source project given real trade name issues associated with a name change. Is the Seamly a company who has lock stock and barrel moved the open-source community to a self interest group ? For example is seamly actually a company interest as opposed to a registered open-source group that is independent of any company entity. As I understand it to date - there is NO credible advancing engineering development happening in one of the two two forks. I prefer to step in behind the original engineering and not wish-washy talking about doing things but incapable of hard and fast engineering and reaction. My preference is to be behind the real creators not something else that is simply a bunch of marketing ideas with no real path forward? So who or what is the original team please. Some clarity.

Not happy with the level of transparency - clarity should be your first step when making a massive step like a name change.

Everyone, thanks for your patience. This is an open source software project. There are programmers working to rebrand the software. It’s a highly manual process, there are no quick fixes. It’s best to take our time and do it correctly.

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Sorry. I am only a user, I stumbled into that confusion after finding the program(s), first not knowing that I didn’t use the seamly-branch, then it took a while for me to realize it. Especially as I am very sure that @dismine read here at the time I found this bug I do not see a problem to have posted it even for the other branch here.

I don’t know why he is hiding but that’s not my problem. My problem is a layout that is not usable the way it is for the parameters I need. Unfortunately I do not code in C++, so I can’t just have a look at the code and fix it.

Tell me, what is the original engineering? Who exactly is responsible for the original engineering?

As far as I see it, there is a program, there is a group of developers, maintainers and helpers and they have split. On a split there is always some aftermath. If you are not happy here, meanwhile I found that other forum for the fork that has still the name Valentina. It is not very easy to find, but it is possible, you could do it, too.

I prefer a pretty stable code over one changing every week, bringing new bugs for getting new features. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t take the developer-repository; but in the past I had, on other programs, good experiences, so what. I downgraded and I’ll wait and look. And than I still can choose the program that is better in the future, as both is open source. At least Seamly2D is registered under GPL 3 according to launchpad.

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Troll… Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Oy veh.

Surely, since you seem so much more intelligent than us you should be able to figure that out on your own.