Notch on connected pieces

Sorry to ask again for something that is maybe simple but I try to put a notch on 2 connected pieces. But the dot number is not the same and I don’t manage to see the notch.

I would like to put the notch on point A40 / A40’ …

Could you please help me … (sorry in advance for my english … i’m french …)

I’d love to, but I didn’t encounter that effect yet. Can you provide the .val and .vit, so that we can have a look at it? Maybe we’ll find something.

Btw, your English is better than my French, so don’t worry :wink:

I think you should only place the notch at A40 or A40’, not both.

I quickly joined 2 random pieces of pattern in mine, placed a notch at E31 and got a very weird result because the pieces don’t match in size:


So I guess it would be best to post your .val and .vit files, please.

if you explain me how to provide the .val and .vit I will do it with pleasure

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I think I had the same problem and the solution is to delete/exclude one of the points from the joined piece

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You upload the files by clicking on this icon in the list above:


Then you can navigate to the file and click upload. Repeat for the next file.

ok thank you grace.

So here it is …

Chemisier.val (38,9 Ko)

I give you the mesurment file i use too cause (i don’t know why) this file always ask to search the mesurements file.

mesures manteau hiver t40.vit (1,8 Ko)


It works !!! thank you so much Krolich !!!


Oh, great! Now I’ve also learnt something new :smile: