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Hi friends and contributors of Seamly,

I just exported an existing basic pattern w/ alterations for a friend, changing essentially only allowance width. Now when I change allowance from 1cm (standard) to 1.5cm, I mark all corner points with a notch → subtype intersection (see image) to mark the non-standard allowance for the user/production.

My question/suggestion: Is it possible to add a simple notch → subtype intersection right into the list of notches in path → point properties → notch (see image 2)? It’s not su per necessary, but it would save a bit of work.

Anyway as always thanks for the great coding work and have a great weekend!


Hi @crn

I think @Douglas will be able to reply to you about adding a corner notch to the list. At the moment, you will need to edit each one in the Properties > Notches tab.

Yes it would be possible. I’d have to insert 2 submenus - Type and Subtype… then each would have it’s own drop down list of items. Currently we just have the Type’s so there’s no need for the added submenu. Obviously you’d have to run through the menu twice if you wanted to change both the Type and Subtype.

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You will now be able to select / change the notch Type and / or Subtype in the MainPath context menu.


Note: The type None shortcut is now Shift-N.


I pushed the changes for adding a Notch subtype to the context menu. It should be in the next release, but if one wants to check it out before then they can download an artifact from the PR.

feat: add notch subtype to context menu · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D@6f27e4f (


wow, that’s amazing, thank you so much! I’ll try this out as soon as I find some time!! Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, kind of stuck in between pre holiday sickness, project follow-ups & people juggling :joy: raise your hands if you can relate…!

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