Notches along curve

Background: Most of the patterns I create are for latex. When joining a seam in latex it is all too easy to stretch one side inadvertently, and you cannot pin or tack it. Therefore I mark notches, with a gel marker, every 1-4 cm (depending upon curvature) to enable the two sides to be kept in step. In Seamly2D I used to create regular points along a curve e.g. 1/6, 2/6, 3/6… current length, however this leads to a lot of extra drawing objects and pieces that are complicated.

I have added a feature to, and it would be great if a corresponding feature could be added to Seamly2D.

The feature can be summarised as: When you use a curve in a piece you can specify a number of notches to draw along the curve. This then adds series of notch marks regularly spaced along the curve.

Currently, if exporting for Seamly2D from I remove this additional markup. It would be great if Seamly2D supported this feature, or at least permitted and preserved the xml attribute.

(Also visible in these screenshots is ‘labelAlongPath’ which is another attribute that it would be great if Seamly2D permitted.)