Notches around circle

I’m having trouble getting points to be added to my block so that i can have notches on my piece.

i can’t get it to select just a portion of the arc.


You have to select the curve segments each time between points… a shown here in a test I made:


If you miss one you can use the Insert Node tool insert_nodes_icon@2x

to add any missing curve segments to a piece’s path OR you can Duplicate a missing curve segment in Pattern Piece Tool → Paths → Main Path using the context menu → Duplicate.


The duplicated curve segment will be inserted at the bottom of the list “Excluded”. You will then need to uncheck “Excluded” and move the node up to the proper location. In this case between your point nodes.

I’m including my test pattern if you need to see what I did.

notch_test.sm2d (7.8 KB)


I created an arc, then created Points A1 - A5 using the Point Intersect Curve & Axis tool. Point A6 was created using the Point on Arc tool 3" from point A3 - which is the first angle of the arc at 0 degs.Also to note… arcs are always created in a counter clockwise direction, which is why the segments have to be reversed for there to be a valid path. Which maybe is the answer to your problem… when selecting a CC curve you need to hold the Shift key down while selecting the curve. Also if you enable a selection sound in the Prefs it may help knowing when a node is selected - where the selection sound is played, or if a node was de-selected - where the “bong” sound will play. The default sound is “silent”.

I then just created another piece as a 1/4 section of the circle.:


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


thank you! i think i needed to start at 0 degrees.