Notches changes the pattern

I have an issue where adding notches modifies my pattern into sharp angels. On one of the screenshots the armhole curve is smooth, on the other I’ve added notches along the curve, and that changes the pattern into these sharp angels. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? It doesn’t seem to matter if I place the notches before or after the curve.

2022-06-16_09-55-57 2022-06-16_09-57-32

Hello @amp, welcome to Seamly!

Unfortunately, when you select a point along a curve Seamly assumes that you intend to quit following that curve & possibly hare off in another direction, (which is often correct.) So, what you need to do is, after every point along the curve until you’re past the curve, select the curve again.

So —in the case of the pictured draft— After selecting M you would select SplPath_M_Dm, then n3, again SplPath_M_Dm, n4, again SplPath_M_Dm.

Personally, I feel that it’s handy to select every point on a vertex, occasionally it makes a difference, (especially when asking questions like this,) so I’d finish the curve with Dm before proceeding to B', but as you know it is technically optional.

Happy drafting! :unicorn:


Thanks @Pneumarian, that did the trick!

All the best <3