Notches / Passmarks / Pattern Markings

Hi! I just started using the software yesterday so I’m sorry if this is a dumb question. I have scoured the internet and user guides for the last couple of hours trying to find the answer.

If I wanted to add other pattern marks to help in the construction of the garment, how do I do this exactly? I’m talking about those small circles, triangles, lines, and squares you might see on traditional paper patterns? I know how to get the notches on the seam allowance and inside the seam line… I just can’t work out how to put these other marks in. Here’s an image of what I’m talking about: Pattern Markings

Thank you so much for any help!


Hello @Rhiannon3, welcome to Seamly!

Sadly, at this point in time it is necessary to draft those marks beyond notches in manually point by point. However: If you turn notches on the seamline on in your preferences you can sort-of fake the marks which are on the seamline as notches.

On a more optimistic note, @Douglas is working on rectifying this sad lack of function.



You can fake the circles by drawing a tiny arc of 360 degs with a point along the seam as the center point. The other symbols will have to wait a bit until I can implement them.


Wow, hadn’t even thought about doing this. Will be watching eagerly. Thank you for asking the question and supplying a solution.

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