Off screen window

hello, I juste try the test version, it is so amazing, thank you !! I’m French, and my english is very bad, so I hope you will understand me. So the problem is that in 5.0 version, when, for the details mod for example, a window appear, I can’t see the bottom of the screen. The only way is to change screen resolution but i d’on’t see anything.

Thanks for helping me !



Can you tell me which screen resolution do you have?

I have released a patch.

For now one the dialog can be resized to very small sizes. Each tab contains own scroll area. This change will be part of 0.5.1. Also you will find it in next test build for version 0.6.0.

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do you still publish patches on every monday, or will the schedule be different since the major release?

The schedule is the same.

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thank you. I find a solution, I maintain the resolution : 1920*1089 but I change the application size. It is better now !

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