On the svg pattern

Step 1:) Here is a PDF on how to convert the pattern into 3D mesh:

Step 2:) Here is Blender’s method of stitching a 3D mesh onto an avatar:

Attached is a t-shirt pattern. It is a Valentina pattern exported to .svg. The pattern pieces were the typical ‘half’ of a garment piece, folded down the middle. Inkscape was used to fill in the missing half of each pattern piece. Also a 2nd sleeve piece was created. The pattern pieces are now representative of the fabric pieces after they are cut and ready to be sewn into a garment.

About the pieces: The front is the same as the back, except for the neck that’s lower on the front. The sleeves are symmetric, they can go on either side, there’s no left or right sleeve.On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 7:23 PM, Robert Martin robertltux@gmail.com wrote:

Since i do not sew i need an actual working pattern to do my testing with (something simple like a tshirt for the early work). working with the blender cloth sewing we need to make sure that the number of verts on a given seam match.

– Robert L Martin

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