Optimizing printing area

I am printing patterns on a 36 inch roll. I spend a great deal of my time optimizing the way my pattern pieces are laid upon the paper in order to optimize the use of paper (I have a shop and design models and print them externally, I need to cut on expenses where possible). The results I get are not satisfactory. There are many empty gaps between the pieces. I have played around with all parameters: margins, gap width, rotation, grouping the workpieces, none is satisfactory. I would like to know if there is a way to obtain more control over the layout. Anyone with helpful advice?

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My main gripe about seamly2d is the lack of customization for the layout. What I usually do is I export as a pdf from the details tab. I then edit, place, and label the pattern pieces in a free open source vector art software such as inkscape, though I use gravit designer. I’ve grown fond of it. There I can make the necessary changes. Of course, this all means that you would have to tile the pages manually. There is a fine tutorial on how to do so in inkscape here:

I hope that helps in some way.