Overlay to compare old and new

is there a way to copy a block into another pattern to compare old and new blocks?


Not directly. One could attempt to cut & paste a block section from one pattern to another, but you run the risk of point name conflicts. For ex: If you tried to copy block A from one pattern to another that also has a block A, you will for sure run into name conflicts, and the app will crash.

It’s for this reason it’s not a simple task to be able to import blocks from a library into a new pattern. We have to have a mechanism to avoid name conflicts and rename objects as needed.

Edit: Just a thought… you could export the blocks as an svg, and load them into different layers in an app like Inkscape to compare.


There was the idea to load an svg as background to a pattern. (long time ago … :mantelpiece_clock:)

This is a situation where this feature would be helpfull.


@Bernt – Good point. This would be a very helpful feature. Would you kindly add this use case as a comment in the discussion on github for this issue:
NEW UI/WORKFLOW: Import image file as a background · Issue #440 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub
Thanks so much, we really appreciate it when our users contribute on github. It validates the feature request.

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I’ve got this about 80% worked out in a feature branch… ran into an issue making the image interactive, so it’s on the side burner. Also got side tracked by a bunch of other (bug) issues. I wanted to work out the interactive aspect (grab points on all 4 corners and sides), because I will also replace the current label behavior as well as use the same interaction when adding a symbols tool.


was able to save as svg and bring into illustrator. thanks!


Glad that worked for you. BTW… this is also currently how some users nest different sizes of pattern pieces.