Package management for linux distributions with Snap

I have just discovered a tool that works in ubuntu and is designed to manage self contained distributions, similar to the way that windows and mac are packaged.

I have noticed that someone changed the name of some individual libraries and it is now possible to install Seamly2D and Valentina on the same Ubuntu installation. This is useful for testing on parallel versions.

I want to solicit opinions on whether it is useful to go one step further and distribute executable using Snap. I would be interested in hearing answers like YES, NO, don’t know, don’t care. If you don’t know or don’t care, I would appreciate it if you can take the time to say so. I am trying to decide whether creating the process to package future linux distributions in this way is something I want to spend my time on.

thank you

If you care enough to investigate what Snap is, here is a reasonable description Snap (software) - Wikipedia


the reason I stumbled across Snap is not important. It may not be obvious to some but is important that the most useful thing I see about Snap is that the same distribution could be used across different Linux platforms. That could also be a negative if it were the case that Qt would automagically adapt to differences in the desktop environment and GUI on different installations

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That sounds interesting. It even is already installed on my computer.

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