Parallel Lines

Is there a tool to make parallel lines to a line already drawn? I’d like to add a line parallel to line A10:A14 about 3/4 inch down. (You might have to right click to get the whole picture.) Thanks.

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I think I figured out how to do it. I used the Point Along Perpendicular tool to add two nodes, one 3/4 inches down from A10 and one 3/4 inches down from A14. Then I connected those lines.


This “Perpendicular tool” is perfect for that, i needed 1 cm parallel line, i choos 2 points, pay itenchion - to direction of the line - one time you choos Length -1 cm, and one time 1 cm. after you have 2 points parallel to the line you need - draw a line between them. Thank you Valentina :slight_smile:


One important thing to note is that (for highly technical reasons) it is impossible to have truly parallel complex curves. If, on the other hand you simulate those complex curves with semi-circles, as in this tutorial, then creating parallel curves becomes trivial, as you are only changing the radius of each semicircle to create the parallel curve.

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