Pattern label?


While I was labelling my patterns, I noticed that the label is divided into detail label and pattern label. I usually used the detail label, but now I’m wondering what is the pattern label? I thought it was the name of the pattern (front, back, sleeve, etc), and the detail label is the detail (front panel 1, front panel 2, placket, etc). But then, I’ve tried to make the pattern label visible but nothing happened. Where can write the pattern label? Is the pattern label really means as what I thought earlier?

Thank you

The label you speak of gets the info from the preferences settings.

What I find annoying is that the size field comes from the pattern prefs instead of the measurement file.

The detail label will print the pattern piece name and material type

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Ohh, I see! What do you mean by size field? Is it the one when I cannot resize my pattern label? It seems stuck on default sizing. Rather difficult if the pieces are small.

Btw, on the detail label, there’s a fold position label. I’ve write on it and it doesn’t appear on my pattern. Do you know any way to mark this side as an on fold side?

I think it doesn’t change the arrow; there is just a placeholder “piece fold position” and if you put that into the label, it writes what is written in the field “fold position” onto the label.

With the size I can’t help you because I do not make standard multisize patterns and therefor don’t need it; it is probably the size of a garment noted on the label.

Some background info about the labels:

Pattern label. This information is repeated on all pattern pieces. This is defined once for the entire pattern. For example:

  • Simplicity
  • 9505
  • Miss size 20 (with our software we can state size, the client’s name, the measurement file name, etc.)

Detail label. This information is different for each pattern piece. This is defined in each detail piece’s options. For example:

  • H
  • pants back
  • cut two of fabric

Hi ! I also am confused about the labelling step. Of course I want the “main” label repeated exactly on all the pattern pieces: Style name; Measurement file used; Main fabric etc,…

But I also need to label some parts differently from the rest… like some should be cut on fold; use lining material; cut on bias; some cut on straight grain etc

My questions are:

  1. Why are there 2 options for the size label and why can I tick both and not only 1? Which option is used?
  2. Can a piece have 2 labels - the main label and the specific piece label?

Thank you.


Ok, yes, you can have 2 labels but I’ll get to that lower down…

If you want the pattern to say ‘Cut on fold’, you have to checkmark this box:


If you want the ‘Cut on bias’ you will position your grainline accordingly:


Likewise if cut on the straight.

The pattern piece for the lining is often a different piece, so you can just change the ‘Fabric’ to ‘Lining’ in your template. I like having both in my template, so that I can just delete the one that’s not applicable to the piece.

For the 2 Labels:

This is the 1st Label and I’ve used this template:

template.xml (617 Bytes)


The 2nd Label:

template Label 2.xml (520 Bytes)


And then, I added some info to the File>Preferances for the 2nd label:


The best is to play around and see what you can get out of all the different options and to see where the info comes from and how it will be of use to you.

And this is what my pattern looks like now with the grainline & 2 labels:



That would be the Pattern Label.

That would be the Piece Label.

But in reality there’s 2 labels and it depends on what template you load for each of the 2. The templates can use “place holders” that will be filled in when the labels are displayed. Some of the place holders are global - such as Company Name or Client, while others are local to a given piece, such as Piece Name.


Hey Grace… I just looked at the annotations again… I fixed it about 3 week ago - apparently never pushed the changes. Not sure why? :thinking:

I can’t say for sure if the annotaion is displaying in the labels - I’ll have to check tomorrow - need sleep. :slight_smile: