Pattern Library?

Is there a library of .val patterns? I think it would be great to access a library of templates to tweak and use, but I’m having a hard time finding something like this.


Because Valentina is young project don’t think so. I don’t know nothing about such a library.

Do you ready to pay money? Because even template require some skills to develop. Don’t think that really good patterns will be free access. Pattern makers don’t have culture of sharing pattern on such level. Because when you share an image of pattern this is not the same as share our pattern file. That if right designed mean almost infinite variation of patterns.

I have found quite difficult to create shareable patterns. The Valentina is much more than a drawing program. It is a bit of programming.

These powerful features make patterns either too simple or too complicated to use. You can have a look to 2 designs I have shared ( and ). A bit easier design is shared by @slpencer (I think).

Give a comment how do feel about those.

Absolutely true.:slight_smile:

I’ve just started looking at the Valentina Project, so there’s still a lot for me to learn about it. I’ll take a look at the patterns you shared, @Stinde. Thanks all :slight_smile:

@Stinde I’ve tried looking at the designs you shared on Windows 10 but I keep getting this error:

Exception: Invalid Version Maximum supported version is 0.2.4.

I am on v0.4.5 currently.

Sorry, There is so much going on in the development. We all use the latest development version when talking about the features.

You can install latest development build from

I hope that you could open the designs with that version

I’ve installed from the link you sent me and it seems to be working, thanks for the help! I’ve been having a hard time navigating all the information on Valentina and hadn’t come across that.

Given the Open nature of Valentina, one could create a pattern repo in github very easily. I may even create one such repo, though my pattern making ability in NULL at the moment, I would really like to be able to browse patterns, and tweak existing layouts.

Send me patterns, and I’ll upload them. Or I can add you to the contributors list, and you can send me your github name, I’ll add you.

if a developed repo already exists, by all means, let me know.

Yes, sure. You can try. Create a repo these days is pretty easy.

I don’t know about such repo. We included several patterns in main repo, but that’s all.

But i should warn you about problems you may encounter.

  1. Did you think about license? Shared pattern without license still proprietary and can’t be used. Or maybe i am wrong?
  2. Do you plan add all patterns or only created from last stable release? User with last release can’t open files created with test build.
  3. Do you know that our pattern very similar to small program? And this fact make producing such patterns not so easy task. Such a pattern contains all information about an algorithm and i am not sure that many will happily share such data.

Many seek a pattern database and made basic blocks, but how many exactly ready to contribute to such a database? This project, this movement based on move. To take someone should put.

Some may not want to share and that is understandable but I think this is a fantastic idea for those patterns who people would like to share even if just for testing purpose :slight_smile:


I haven’t know what to do with one of my domains so I put some .val Patterns and their .vit files for download on it if this could help there at I’ll be putting more up soon, and alot of the others used the standard measure file. If that’s better. -V


Thank you @sweets, I’m still learning about pattern making and they’ll help me a lot.

You’re very welcome. I hope they’re useful! If not let me know and I can help, otherwise I’ll put up more as soon as I get better acquainted with that particular website.

@sweets Can we post about your site on the Facebook page?

If you want to, I don’t mind

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Thank you for the pattern files. I just wanted a few patterns to play with while I learn to use the program. I hope to draft my own soon.

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@sweets I just want to say a big thank you for putting your hard work out there for others to use. I am new to valentina and have had a play with a tutorial imputing some sizes someone kindly posted. I want to use your pattern examples as a exercise to help me become more familiar with how valentina works and to see if i can recreate your patterns myself by imputing the measurements. A big thank you again for sharing with us newbies x.

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You’re welcome.